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MrsS1990 Wed 06-Apr-16 17:29:44

I didn't know where to post this.

My mental health I think is fine in general.

But before my period (for a week) I get really bad pms. I know that's generally normal for a woman.

But I don't know if mine is 'normal'.
I have really vivid bad dreams. Get really weird towards my husband. One minute I can't stand him. Next I accuse him of cheating (for the most strangest of reasons. And I have no other reason to do this other than this time of month). Our relationship is usually really loved up.
I cry. In front of my son even. I notice I'm more irritable in work when I'm usually the most Easy going and lair back.
I'm extremely paranoid one second and then the next I don't care about anything.

My mum has told me that for my age (25) this isn't normal and 'God help me when I get older if I'm like this now'

Does this sound like normal pms to you? Or something more?
I'm not using any birth control, nor do I want to. But is there something the doctor can give to help ease these strange moods.

Also, if anyone knows any other place where I can post/move this thread to, that would be great.

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