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Would you write to the Psych or am I being silly?

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RickJames Wed 06-Apr-16 07:23:10

Hello, I have a rather silly dilemma but I hope people can advise me.

I'm not in the UK and so receive regular Psychiatrist appointments for my anxiety type issues. He's a nice chap, I have no complaints except for the fact that the office is a bit of a hike.

About 2 months ago I had to cancel about 3 appointments at short notice in succession due to various reasons - work, one day a tree fell on the tramline etc. On the 4th appt my son was sick and I panicked and didnt call to cancel, I just missed it.
This has now wound itself into a big ball ofanxiety and I'm scared to call the office! I know, its ridiculous...
I could call reception but im scared I wont explain myself properly in other language.
What should I do? At some point I'll need a repeat prescription. Remember, I have anxiety conditions so whilst this might sound like a non-issue it obvs. isnt for me and its really preying on my mind. Thanks for reading smile

RickJames Wed 06-Apr-16 07:27:23

So yes! The question - should I pop this in a letter and ask for a new appt. and apologise etc. I can write the Psych in English and hopefully sound reasonable.

MummySparkle Wed 06-Apr-16 11:52:16

Yes, I think it would be fine to write a letter. Keep it simple

dear dr xxxxx,

I am sorry I was unable to make my appt on xxxx because my son was ill. My apologies for not letting you know beforehand. Please could we arrange a new appt.
Kind regards

Yambrel Wed 06-Apr-16 12:04:03

A letter sounds like a good idea. Your psychiatrist or their receptionist will deal with it exactly the same way as a phone call and won't think anything of it. I have a bit of a phone phobia and often write letters. Is it worth asking them to confirm in writing or by text? I sometimes enclosed a stamped addressed envelope so there's no misunderstanding.

RickJames Wed 06-Apr-16 12:42:34

Thanks for the answers and taking the drama out of it for me. I think im worried they are thinking badly of me (usually I am a model patient). I think I'll just send a simple letter with the goal of getting another appointment.

MummySparkle Wed 06-Apr-16 22:14:46

Just a thought, if you are going to run out of medication soon then it might be worth adding a orescription request to the letter

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