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Withdrawal from Citalopram

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katapo Mon 04-Apr-16 11:05:09

Hi there

I have been on Citalopram since May 2015 and on 40mg since August to treat work related stress and anxiety. I have decided to start to come off citalopram and started on Saturday to cut from 40mg to 30mg every day for a few weeks then reduce it further, and so far things seem to be ok. The thing is I havent discussed this with the GP yet and I am waiting on him phoning me today where I will discuss this. I am now worrying he will say no to coming off citalopram, but I am definitely feeling better. Not just that when I started the citalopram I was at a very healthy weight having lost 4 stone with weight watchers, but since being on the max dosage I have gained 3 stones if not more. I am a very active person doing karate and gym at least 4 to 5 nights a week but the weight is still piling on even though I am keeping up the exercise and have changed my diet for the better too. The weight gain is getting me down so I hope that coming off the citalopram will help with this too. does anyone have experience of gaining weight with citalopram and losing it? I really hope the GP agrees with me coming off it as I do feel back as normal as a mum with 2 hyper kids can be.

katapo Mon 04-Apr-16 12:22:23

wee update GP just called me and advised that ive to start coming off Citalopram if I feel up to it. he's recommended the first week taking 40mg then 20mg for a week then the 2nd week take 40mg every 2nd day 3rd week take 20mg every day then 20mg every 2nd day then repeat with 10mg a day then that will be me. ive over the moon he's agreed to me coming off it....just hope it all works out for me smile

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