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Not on meds wobble wtf I do ?

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Yellowsun11 Mon 04-Apr-16 09:53:56

I came off sertraline for anxiety 18 month ago . Having a tough time at the mo - sure it will pass but finding it hard not having them - they are a sort of cushion .
Few family problems and work bad although both look to get resolved . The problems is I don't deal with anxiety I carry it - this prob a good time to learn but I'm struggling and avoiding exercise mindfulness as I guess I lack motivation

dangermouseisace Mon 04-Apr-16 10:30:20

it sounds daft but have you tried writing a list of the things you have to do today and including exercise/mindfulness on it? I have a book that I write the lists in (bullet journal google it) so there is no escape…I can't 'lose' the list and it doesn't go away until I've crossed it. It helps with the motivation thing and also you get a sense of satisfaction being able to cross it off

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