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Can it please just be a vitamin deficiency or something instead of depression? I'm falling apart here :(

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KeepsAwayTheNargles Sun 03-Apr-16 20:34:21

Its been getting worse for the past few months. I thought it was just tiredness caused by a vitamin deficiency. Me in a nutshell:
- constantly exhausted even though 18mo DS sleeps really well these days
- unmotivated, can't find the will to do things I enjoy (like read) or leave the house, I only drag myself out for DS
- feel tearful and on the verge of overwhelmed most of the time
- I can't concentrate or hold a conversation with people, I just find myself apologising for being tired and out of it the whole time sad
- spend pretty much every hour wishing I was asleep
- also very anxious/stressy/snappy

Has anyone been like this and had it be causes by iron/vit b deficiency or something? I have a doctors appointment on the 19th and I don't know how to cope until then. Its my aunts funeral next week and I don't know how I'll manage when the above is my baseline.

I've had 'mild' depression before, found citalopram did nothing to help, felt not listened to by doctors and just coped by myself. It got better a few years ago. I don't want this to be depression again, I spent years being fobbed off and not listened to and struggling by myself, I can't do it again sad

allpheasantandcorrect Sun 03-Apr-16 23:00:35

Hi OP, sorry you are having such a rough time at the moment.

Feeling tired all the time can be a symptom of a deficiency, it can also be a symptom of depression. Only a doctor can give you a diagnosis, so I encourage you to visit your GP.

Would it be good to see a different GP if you were unhappy with treatment last time?

Re: depression, sometimes Citalopram isn't for everyone. It is only one pill of one class of anti-depressant. I love my Citalopram and it was a true wonder-drug for me, but my friend got nothing from it and needs Mirtazapine. Someone else I know uses Sertraline.

CBT and mindfulness can do a lot for mild depression (not that it feels mild when you are suffering with it). You can ask your GP about this if they think your diagnosis is depression.

You've managed before and it went away. It will go away again; this will pass, OP. It sucks but it will get better.

I'm sorry for the loss of your Aunt.

NanaNina Sun 03-Apr-16 23:02:45

I'm sorry but it does sound like depression/anxiety and I don't think a vitamin deficiency would make you so bad. You really need an appointment before the 19th - is there any way you can get an emergency appointment, or ask if you can see the Mental Health nurse if there is one at the practice. When you go you need to have a list written down (bullet points) that you can hand over or use as an aid memoir because seeing a GP is very stressful isn't it when you have mental health issues. I don't know if you know that one third of all GP consultations are mental health related.

You might find a more empathetic doctor this time and it would be best to say that you don't want citalopram as they hadn't helped in the past. There are so many other ADs - it's just a matter of finding the one that suits.

Do you have a husband or partner - if so - is he/she empathetic - that makes a big difference. Have you got RL support as feeling crap and chasing around after a toddler is hard work. I'm no medic by the way, just a sufferer of depression and to a lesser extent anxiety. I don't like internet diagnosis but I just thought the description of how you are seemed to be depression/anxiety.

pishposhpash Tue 05-Apr-16 00:53:43

Hi Keeps - sorry for your loss, it's not surprised you're feeling low.

When you see your doctor on 19th, ask for full bloods to be done including vitamin D levels - get an earlier appointment if you can. I felt much the same as you a few years ago, with the exception that the only thing that kept me 'here' is knowing what a mess I would be leaving behind for the family. I spoke to no one about how I felt (DH not interested) and put on a brave face when I went out. I was once asked what made me laugh. And I answered, nothing, and I it was true. Nothing. Had to go to drs for unrelated matter and they decided to do full bloods. Got a phone call couple of weeks later to go back in and discovered my vitamin d levels were very low - seem to recall they liked levels 50 - 100 and mine was 19. Long story short, after finding a supplement which suited me (took a while) within a week I realised I had actually laughed at something funny on the TV. I was really shocked. Anyway, took a while and as my vitamin D levels increased, so the depression lifted.

So there is a chance it MAY be a vitamin deficiency, but you need your levels checking to be able to rule that in/out.

Take care of yourself - having an 18mo toddler can be tiring at the best of times.

herstoryyes Tue 05-Apr-16 20:40:03

Hi and sorry you're feeling like this, it sounds like a really tough time. Have you had your thyroid checked? That can make a difference. Ask the GP for full blood count, low iron or similar could definitely be contributing, even if it's not the cause. Be honest about how bad you're feeling, because I think if you understate it they may not go the full hog in helping you.

Best wishes

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