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POEM: Dark cocoon

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dark1days Sat 02-Apr-16 16:36:37

I feel like I'm spinning out of control,
going down and deeper in a big black hole.
Now and then I manage to pick myself up,
though sometimes it's easy, other times I feel stuck.
Unable to shake off this horrible feeling,
with no one to talk to, So by myself I am dealing
With it all as best as I can,
I don't know myself anymore & can't understand..
Why am I feeling the way I am feeling?
I think I've just took too much & it's been peeling & peeling,
each layer one by one,
exposing my weaknesses, leaving me feeling numb
& leaving me asking myself is this it?.. Am I done?
But I carry on, doing the best I can do,
Once again try shake off that feeling of feeling blue.
Put on a smile and get through the day
but feeling out of place still..and so far away...

Of who I once was...

Wish I could get back to myself, that old happy me,
enjoying each moment, being care free.
I SO hope, wish and pray it would happen real soon,
For if not I fear I'll get stuck forever in this dark cocoon.

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