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Self destruct

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Dizzylizzie29 Mon 28-Mar-16 14:41:45

I was doing so well. On 100mg of sertaline for PND.
Starting to feel ok about myself, lost weight through eating better and abit of exercise
Can't really pin down the trigger but I'm now eating crap (binge eating chocolate, not planing meals) no exercise, no motivation, don't want to see anyone, cba putting in any effort with dh.
Feel like a need a big dose of man the fuck up. Only want to sleep, quality of life would be great I'm
Sure if I could just be arsed but
I can't
Just that really
Needed to write it

SooBee61 Mon 28-Mar-16 16:27:14

Just tell yourself it will pass, which it will; don't alter medication without GP supervision. I think this time of year is difficult and having PND for sure won't make it any better! Look after yourself and the babe, let DH take care of himself, as long he's capable. Telling yourself to 'man the f... up' won't help your state of mind so be kind to yourself. We all expect too much of ourselves.

I've been eating crap too - just ate whole bag of Cadbury's mini eggs. Bet there's a lot of crap being eaten this weekend though! You can eat crap and then have a go at undoing the 'damage' by eating better during the week.

0phelia Mon 28-Mar-16 23:34:01

It's Easter weekend. I often find depressive episodes coincide with so-called celebratory dates, Christmas, Valentine's, Easter, etc.

Something to do with a sense of belonging and not belonging. Things not being as they should be.

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