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Please help - unravelling

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invinciblesummer Sun 27-Mar-16 08:00:51

Long time lurker here. Have had depression on and off since I had severe PND after my daughter was born 6 years ago. Last year I had been fine for a couple of years so decided to wean myself off my med (225 mg venlafaxine). Did this slowly under GP but now realise big mistake. For the last two months have been struggling massively. I now back on 225 me venlafaxine and have been for four weeks but its not working, if anything like feel worse. Yesterday couldn't leave the house, crying all day, feel suicidal but would never do anything due to DD. DH is supportive but works long hours. Contacted the crisis team but just keep being told to wait longer for meds to kick in but venlafaxine usually takes 2 weeks for me. I have appt with psychiatrist in mid April but don't know if I can hold on til then. Don't understand why drugs nit working anymore. Feeling desperate. Just looking for a handhold really.

NanaNina Sun 27-Mar-16 14:14:54

I think it's quite common that an AD that worked in one episode may not do so in a further episode. Just something else to confuse us and scare us, as if the depression wasn't enough. This happened to me too but not with venlafaxine. There's still time for it to kick in, but if not, you can try something else. It is all trial an error with these meds and the psychiatrists acknowledge this. Glad you are seeing a psych mid April because if the meds haven't kicked in by then he will be able to put you on something else. I think fear of leaving the house and long bouts of crying are typical symptoms of depression and that happens to me a lot. Depression is a torment and I think what makes it worse is that people don't really understand and think we're just "fed up" (I wish!)

I'm meant to be going to an Easter lunch party but can't go - woke up feeling shit and after crying for ages I'm done in and not up to chatting to people.

invinciblesummer Sun 27-Mar-16 16:56:11

Hi thanks for your reply. So sorry to hear you are having a bad day. Depression sucks, doesn't it? I am worried about nothing working for me any longer as tried 3 meds before venlafaxine. Felt a bit better this afternoon and managed a walk with dh and dd. Hope your day improves. Take care.

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