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Hormonal or mental health

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sugarbuttys Sun 27-Mar-16 00:34:04

One moment I'm fine then the next I have these mood swings, and it could be anything as little as the dh hasn't removed his shoes or the kids have made a mess and left it for me to clear up. I start rabbiting on n get myself so worked up and angry instantly I'm beginning to not like myself also very much. I see its having an affect on my family only I can't seem to control my mood swings. I feel really bad only I can't seem to change it. I feel im making my family un happy and I'm bringing them down all the time and that makes me feel worse. I know I don't mean it I know I love them dearly and I know my out bursts are wrong but I have not control over it?
One min I'm OK then I'm up to high door. I've had my hormone levels checked but nothing? Am I just a crank or is this a health Problem?

happyNotanymore Sun 27-Mar-16 00:46:54

I don't know answer to your question,but I could write this post myself . I am moody ,aggressive bitch who have some good hours/days . I hate myself , I think is mental but cannot bring myself to see doctor about it. I'm constantly worried about effect of this on my kids , I wish I could be more often nice ,normal , level headed person which I am sometimes. I think it's getting worse since the birth of my third DC ,as I've OCD as well ,and with 3 kids I'm finding really hard to keep everything in order and to my own standards. It's all so complicated.

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