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hedgehogsdontbite Tue 22-Mar-16 15:34:55

Has anyone been prescribed this for depression?

I've finally plucked up the courage to talk to my GP about depression and ask for anti-depressants and he's prescribed this for me. I've never heard of it before. Dr Google tells me it's an anti-psychotic. Now I'm confused and wonder if my explanation of what I need has been lost in translation.

dangermouseisace Tue 22-Mar-16 17:50:00

I'd never heard of it and I know about many psych drugs due to working in social care for years. I had to google it too- antihistamine/treatment for schizophrenia/treatment for anxiety insomnia. Do you think he may have made a prescribing error? I'm not an expert obviously, but if it was me I'd call the surgery and ask the GP to give me a call back and explain his rationale behind what he prescribed. It's ok to question them. If you're not happy with their explanation I'd perhaps book an appt to see someone else and explain why as that would be a totally valid reason.

There may be some rational explanation behind the prescription, but I thought that talking therapy was the first treatment choice for depression (haha) and then SSRI's…

dangermouseisace Tue 22-Mar-16 17:51:23

PS I've had depression off and mainly on for 20 years and I've been prescribed many AD's and have had anti-anxiety/sleeping medication but never been prescribed what you have!

hedgehogsdontbite Tue 22-Mar-16 18:09:10

He did ask lots of questions about my sleep so maybe he thinks improving my sleep is the way forwards. I have major sleep issues because of my autism and already have a weighted blanket on prescription to help with that.

I'm not in the UK so am fortunate enough to have relatively easy access to a psychologist (because of my autism). I saw him for quite a while following a traumatic event and reached the point where we both felt I now just needed time to heal. I was ok for a while but have then slowly got lower and lower and more and more tired. Now I just want to sleep.

dangermouseisace Tue 22-Mar-16 18:23:47

thanks hedgehog that makes a bit more sense now! It is true that not sleeping can make you feel really depressed. Life can seem so much easier if you are not permanently exhausted through lack of sleep. It still might be worth talking to your GP if you have any questions or concerns regarding the prescription.

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