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Holiday anxiety

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Laptopontable Mon 21-Mar-16 08:11:53

I'm due to go on holiday this week with my husband and children. I'm also 5 months pregnant. However my anxiety has gone into overdrive.. I'm absolutely convinced that something will go wrong; from the plane crashing to someone falling off the balcony to me catching toxoplasmosis and losing the baby. How can I try to enjoy this? Does anyone have any positive stories of travelling with anxiety?
I don't want to spoil this for my family but I'm not going to enjoy it one bit. I feel like I've jinxed it just writing down what I think will happen. Can anyone reassure me?
Thank you.

sadie9 Mon 21-Mar-16 11:16:28

I get this too every time we go on holidays. It is just your mind trying to protect you and those you love by imagining every bad scenario and trying to 'prepare' you for it. Our minds would stop us going on holidays if they could get away with it, and some people's minds do! Thinking about things or writing things down doesn't affect stuff happening in the actual world. If that were the case I could 'think' my kettle on.
I always get that cold fear clutching my heart, the feeling of dread. Then people saying 'oh you must be getting excited now!' (yeah right, can't I just stay home and watch Corrie with a nice cup of tea on my own sofa).
The positive story of travelling with anxiety is that you do actually do the travelling, and bring the anxiety with you. What helps me is If the Big Picture Overwhelms you, focus on the Small Picture.
You are more or less as safe on holiday as you are in your own home right now. You drive on the road every day and it doesn't bother you. Many things could happen to you or someone else. It is just the unfamiliarity of going to a new place that your brain doesn't like, because it can't control stuff it doesn't know, yet it is trying to...this creates fear and anxiety that makes us afraid.
You can't control anything really, that's the reality of life. Shhh! Don't tell your mind that.
You also can't enjoy stuff in the future you can only enjoy stuff when it actually happens. You just feel NOW right this minute, that you won't enjoy it one bit. So how can you tell how you will feel next Tuesday at 2pm? Or the 'whole holiday'.
You won't always feel exactly like you feel when you are anxious. I find it helpful to stop myself and say to myself I won't always feel like I do right now this second.
As soon as you are actually in the plane you will be less anxious, then as soon as you are at your holiday destination it'll all settle down, when your eyes and brain has a chance to check everything out, where everything is, and then hopefully you'll relax.
There is a teeny tiny chance you might actually enjoy yourself, is possible. Good luck with it.

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