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always feeling tired anyone eles on quetiapine bipolar Meds

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char1988 Fri 11-Mar-16 19:41:52

Hey all I suffer with bipolar I'm on 400 mg of quetiapine and 7.5 zoplicone has I have trouble getting off to sleep but I wake up feeling awful dizzy and tired it's starting to get me down has I AV children my partners a great help but I feel awful him having to get up every morning any one in the same boat

Criminy Fri 11-Mar-16 19:50:09

I've been on quetiapine in the past (not for bipolar though), it completely knocked me out. It was ridiculous, I'd take my meds at 8am, I'd be passed out asleep by 9:30am. Came off them because I just couldn't cope with the tiredness. I was speaking to my gp about it a little while ago, he said he once took one quetiapine tablet as part of a clinical trial, refused to take any more, and it floored him for a week. So I think you're doing amazingly well to function on them!

char1988 Fri 11-Mar-16 19:57:25

I can't seem to get off to sleep but once I do waking up is awful I don't even know how I manage all day lol but my partner is great I AV 3 kiddies 2 of witch r 2 n under getting up is the hardest part I have tried diff Meds but they didn't work and I put on wieght so got put back on to them it gets me down and snappy but mental health seem to think staying on them is worth the tired side thanks smile X

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