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depressed or lazy?

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Emmanewme2015 Fri 11-Mar-16 19:26:54

I have no motivation what so ever I could easily lounge about the house (which I do) 24/7. I can't bring my self to tidy. ... I do but with massive effort. The mornings are difficult dh does the school run as his work is just round the corner so I don't have to get dressed I just look after ds1. I can't bring my self to take the 10 minute walk to town for shopping as it means getting dressed and brushing my hair ect. I'm fed up of being fed up and can't get my self out of this circle? Ovulation time is the worse as I'm so oooo tearful till my period bahhhhhh. Family events drain the life out of me so I actually choose to work lol.....
There could be a reason, my dh had an affair 2 years ago I found out stayed with him we are stronger then ever blah blah...... but I'm just a completely different person. Is this me just being lazy or am i depressed ? work is an escape to me even tho it stresses me out, I have many 3-4 shifts a week no more or less. I feel like I'm cracking up confused

Wineandcheases Sat 12-Mar-16 10:44:06

You say your stronger but it's changed you - I think this is where the key lies I think you need to look more at this .
Do you feel sad or empty ? I force myself to dress ASAP or I'm the same . I tend to feel better if I think I have to do xyz on the morning then can relax saying that's it's easier said than done

LazyCake Tue 15-Mar-16 01:30:57

It sounds as though you may be depressed. Perhaps you could make an appointment to see your GP, or if you have a local Wellbeing Service, refer yourself to them for some talking therapy?

FWIW, I struggle similarly. I have found a few strategies that help me get going:

- Setting a timer for 15 minutes (or on a really bad day just 5 minutes) and rushing around doing as much tidying/washing/dressing as I can in the time allowed. I tell myself that once the timer pings, I can sit down and have a rest but usually find that I want to carry on doing stuff once I'm up and moving.

- Telling myself, 'I'm not going to do the washing up, I'll just run the sink...' and then once I've got up out of the chair and run the sink it doesn't feel like too much of a struggle just to give the dishes a quick wipe over.

- If I am hunched in the chair scolding myself for my laziness, I'll stop and say to myself 'I notice that I am having the thought that I am lazy...' Sounds a bit mad, but really helps to distance myself from the negative thoughts and feelings. After doing this, I usually am usually able to get up and do something constructive.


ProfessorPreciseaBug Tue 15-Mar-16 07:30:01

Try looking at some of the "Am I depressed" tests on line. As with all things,
some are better than others but depression does have a number of fairly common indicators.

I know the feeling of that vicious circle of inability to do much leading to feeling fed up and not being able to motivate myself. Are you self medicating with wine?

Keep posting and good luck.

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