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Intrusive dreams [potentially triggering content]

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MummySparkle Thu 10-Mar-16 15:21:42

I had terrible dreams last night. I would t really call them nightmares as I didn't wake up with a start, but they were disturbing and felt really real. To the point where I saw somebody today who was in the dream and was genuinely surprised to see them alive and well.

I was in a psychiatric hospital, nobody would see me, nobody would talk to me, here were endless corridors. Somebody I knew was a day-patients there, but I wasn't allowed to see her. They heat making me drink this weird health juice, there was also a spa with spare hotel rooms. I was scared and it was noisy. I ran, someone followed me and pinned me down and raped me. Then my DCs were there. DS went off to play with someone, then there were animals in cages. The patients could go down a chute to get into the pens to pet the animals. Then we were upstairs and there were cages up there too. A man came in and took DD into a cage and raped her (she is only 21months) He had bandages around his wrists and ankles and trapped DD in the cage. Then either DD gave birth to a baby or DD turned into a tiny premature baby, I'm not sure what happened to her after that point. The baby didn't make it, I held it close to me and tucked it down my T-shirt for shin-to-skin. It was cold and leathery. I remember walking around the place showing her to people. I tried to get help, but the other patients laughed at me. I was scared and screaming in the corridor. The other patients were laughing at me, I was in a ball with my fingers in my ears. A member of staff told the other patients that 'it's okay, she's just having a bad trip'. And when asked but the other patients he said it was because I was on LSD and it would help if they paid for me to see a doctor as I'd been there days but seen nobody. Then I had to pretend that I was taking LSD so that they would help me to see a doctor. Then I ran. I made it outside somehow and I was trilling to get away. It was a busy city and I managed to jump onto a bus and disappear out of sight. Then I had to jump off the bus and run and hide somewhere.

I'm not sure what happened after that. I've been a work, but my boss told me to go home as I've been quite spaced out and not really with it all day. I keep getting graphic flashbacks from the dreams, especially of DD and I being attacked. Every single detail about the dream was so vivid. It feel so real sad

MummySparkle Thu 10-Mar-16 15:22:33

Sorry, paragraphs probably would have helped that. I was just typing as the jumble in my head sorted itself out

MummySparkle Thu 10-Mar-16 23:02:02

Both DCs are screaming for me and I am so tired. I need sleep. I can't do this. I need a break I know I'm going to dream again tonight and I just can't take it

Broken1Girl Sat 12-Mar-16 07:25:30

Oh, honey.
That must be unutterably awful flowers I do get it, as I have awful dreams too.
Do you have mh support? Please talk to someone IRL x

jalopyjane Sat 12-Mar-16 07:30:17

Are you on any medication? Some drugs can cause very vivid dreams. Don't stop taking anything without advice but it may be worth asking your GP if a change in meds might help.

MummySparkle Sat 12-Mar-16 16:50:55

Thank you for your replies. I got through to my CPN on Friday and talked it through with her. I've had a stressful week, and some of makes sense with things that have been going on, but the attacks came totally out of the blue. No idea why on earth I was dreaming about that. I'm on lamotrigine and venlafaxine, but have been on them for about 6months now. Actually I've been having relatively vivid dreams since starting them, but not always nasty ones. I put that down to being on a medication before that sedated me so much I didn't really k ow what was going on half of the time. They give me night sweats, so maybe that has something to do with the dreams? I don't know. I'm feeling a lot brighter today, quite wired. Although I realised halfway through the morning that I didn't take my meds earlie. Have taken them now, but slightly worried I'm going to have a major crash later (performing in a concert so I hope not!!!) I hate being so all over the place

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