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OCD having a bad day!

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Baconyum Thu 10-Mar-16 14:38:38

Have a big birthday party at weekend, looking forward to it. Booked a haircut (money limited so rarely get one) was looking forward to that too.

Get there, hairdresser barely looks me in eye, doesn't introduce herself, takes my coat fairly rudely, I sit in chair then due to conversations realise I'm sitting next to a bin man (nothing wrong with bin men but I have contamination OCD so huge problem for me).

Feel sick, dizzy, anxious can't wait to leave. EVERYHING I'm wearing will now have to be washed/cleaned!

She asks me how much I want off, starts cutting. I try to speak but she's not paying attention. She parts my hair at the side, I wear it middle parting and that's how I arrived.

At end of cut, silently shows me the back with the special mirror as they do. I say I'd like a few layers on the end. She dismisses that, end of haircut, I pay and leave.

I feel filthy and anxious. Now home in tears.

In addition I've had to make an appointment at my usual hairdressers (I tried them initially but they were booked up luckily they've had a cancellation) so I'll be paying twice for one haircut! angry

I'm angry at the OCD and myself but also at the hairdresser. Cut took 5 mins!

Not sure why I'm posting, to vent I suppose.

Tate15 Thu 10-Mar-16 19:37:24

The hairdresser sounds horrible. You are supposed to be treated with friendliness and made to feel like it's a pampering experience not just like going through a car wash!

I'd be annoyed too. At least you can voice your displeasure by never going back. Or if you can leave a review online, do so. It's constructive criticism not malicious.

Of all the people to sit next to, a BIN man! Now that is sods law and I hope even though you want to clean everything you can see the funny side/irony.

Now, best way forward is to your usual hairdresser if they have previously given you good service and been nice to you. Look forward to that and concentrate on ahead nor behind.

Baconyum Thu 10-Mar-16 20:37:05

Thanks Tate, yes I'm all clean now and feeling a bit calmer. Will take a bit longer till I'm completely calm though.

It's shorter than I wanted, DEFINITELY no pampering no time in 5 mins!

Yes focusing on when I will stop feeling anxious and the event will be in teh past is one of the techniques I use. It helps a little, I wish I could just cut the ocd out of my brain!

I've been doing quite well lately but a few things are making me go downhill again. I feel with ocd (and other mh conditions) it's not a case of its always improving it's more rollercoaster shaped.

Baconyum Thu 10-Mar-16 20:38:21

I daren't criticise publicly as I live in a VERY small town and I'm still a stranger /outsider even though I've been here 6 years.

OnMyShoulders Thu 10-Mar-16 21:04:37

I don't have anything helpful to say Baconyum because I'm the same just now but I just wanted to offer flowers and let you know that I understand how you feel and it's bloody exhausting.

Baconyum Thu 10-Mar-16 21:08:35

Onmyshoulders your post made me cry (in a nice way). Thanks for the support. It IS bloody exhausting, that's one aspect none of my drs or other support get. They get that my physical issues make me tired but not the mental ones. It's the CONSTANT thinking (even when I dream ocd is there).

OnMyShoulders Thu 10-Mar-16 21:18:48

Yes, it's the relentlessness of it. And the knowledge that it's always going to be there. It's good to chat to someone else who understands. I have a DH, family and friends but feel very isolated because no matter what I say, no one really gets it. I sometimes think how light and carefree it must feel not having OCD.

Baconyum Thu 10-Mar-16 22:08:28

Yes I wonder what its like not to worry about finding a clean loo when out and about, not to worry about contamination, where peoples hands have been, did they wash their hands after the loo etc etc

I only really have dd and a friend, been a LP a long time.

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