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What on earth is wrong with me?

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Thisismybeauty Wed 09-Mar-16 20:26:02

I've been like this all week.

I can't stop weeping. It's constant, and it takes nothing to set it off, really.

I've had a bereavement but it's no longer recent.

I just feel like there's nothing left I want to live for, and that's not a suicidal statement - I just feel it. I won't do it.

I've also been quite seriously injured physically and am on strong medication to alleviate the pain. Is this why I can't stop crying?

I'm frightening myself. I am normally so cheery.

RockUnit Wed 09-Mar-16 20:58:04

It sounds like symptoms of depression but it may be too soon to say, as from what I understand it's when the symptoms have been for 2 weeks or more.

Or perhaps it's a side effect... when did you start the medication for the pain, and did this coincide with feeling like this?

Making an appointment with the GP would be a good idea IMO, to get some advice on what could be causing it.

Let us know how you get on.


NanaNina Wed 09-Mar-16 20:59:04

Well I'd have said you were having symptoms of a depressive illness but it's a bit odd if it's just arisen out of nowhere. How long ago was the bereavement? How long ago was the injury? Are you eating/sleeping ok. If it continues you'll need to see the GP

Hassled Wed 09-Mar-16 21:01:08

Go and talk to someone. The fact the bereavement isn't recent is irrelevant - once the shock has passed and the sorting out of stuff has passed the grief can hit you like a ton of bricks - there's a point where the permanence of the death becomes horribly real. And then the physical injury - that must have been a hell of shock, at a time when you probably weren't emotionally resilient enough to deal with shocks at all. You'll be OK, but you'll need some help to be OK - make an appointment with your GP in the morning.

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