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How can I help DH get meds?

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MHNovice Wed 09-Mar-16 13:28:58

Have NCed for this. Trying to cut a long story short, my DH has suffered from anxiety and depression his whole adult life. He's a classic high-achieving perfectionist in a high-pressure role and has found many ways to cover up how he's feeling from everyone but me. He suffers low mood, feelings that problems are overwhelming, takes professional failures very personally, feels unnecessarily guilty about stuff, has very low self-esteem etc. Physical symptoms too like tremors, nausea and heart palpitations.

He finds exercise helps but still he is getting to breaking point and has been in tears saying he's not right and can't cope like this any more. His mum has suffered from depression her whole life too; I'm convinced it had a genetic element. After 20 years of this he finally plucked up the courage to visit his GP last week and the GP said it was too early to medicate and he should 'fill his emotional bucket doing things that make him happy'. I could have cried when he came home and told me. FFS nothing really makes him happy as he's constantly depressed!

I think I have persuaded him to go back to another GP and this time I will go with him to support him. He wants to try some medication to break the cycle and I want him to get it. What does he need to say to the GP to take him seriously?!

Thanks for reading such a long post.

NanaNina Wed 09-Mar-16 15:21:08

You could assist him to write a list of his symptoms/emotions in a bullet type list - don't leave anything out no matter how it sounds. He could give it to the GP or use it as aide memoir. Filling his emotional bucket - dear god - I've heard some crass comments but that beats the lot.

MHNovice Wed 09-Mar-16 20:54:17

Thanks Nana, I'll get him to do that. It's difficult to know whether he was totally open about his symptoms as I wasn't at the appointment. Fingers crossed for next time...

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