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How much are anti-d's supposed to help?

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ShmooBooMoo Tue 08-Mar-16 18:51:09

Also, are they supposed to help consistently or are you still supposed to feel very low at times? I can't change my health condition so how much can I expect an anti-d to help? Been on Sertraline (Lustral) for 50mg for two months, then 100ng for the past two months. I think it may have helped a little but not massively with neg thinking (also have anxiety) despite doubling up. Very bad pain day = dip in mood, increasingly negative thinking! Same with a stressful or inherently anxiety-inducing event.

Should an anti-d be helping me cope with the worst of it all or can I expect it won't cut the mustard at times? I'm not sure just how much better I'm supposed to feel... Don't want to keep experimenting with meds...

Sorry...this is a kind of shortened duplicate of my earlier message...have tried to be more concise here.


Lucsy Tue 08-Mar-16 19:02:24

I think it's one of those questions where there is no answer. Everyone responds differently to different drugs
I tried sert and had almost no response
Citalopram helped a bit
Escitalopram helped a lot when they could prescribe 40mg, but they can't now so it doesn't work at the max dose
Lofepramine was fab, but then suddenly stopped working
I then starts a few odd ones, before finally settling on a combination of escitalopram and Mirtazepine and propanalol plus Ativan when needed.
It's still not perfect but Mirtazepine saved my life.
I have very severe PTSD so anxiety and depression are a big part of my life

I think I had to wait 10 weeks on each drug ( I tried many more than listed here) and each time I had to have faith that the next one would work. Getting through the side effects, but it really is a bit of trial and error. A psychiatrist was the best person I saw because they had access to different drugs and better knowledge of which one was more likely to work for me
I'm sorry you feel Rubbish. Please go back and ask them to review your meds. There are many many more drugs to try

gunting Tue 08-Mar-16 19:09:04

I think if you're two months in and you aren't sure they are working it would be worth mentioning to your GP.

I've tried all manner of anti d and none really worked for me.

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