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Preventing accidental overdose

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LukeSleepwalker Tue 08-Mar-16 18:37:39

My DS has bipolar II and has been prescribed a multitude of medication which seems to be working well at present.

Unfortunately when anxious about something she has a tendency to sleepwalk. Last night she took her medication as normal but in the early hours started sleepwalking and took a further three days worth of her drugs. After a day in A&E and several blood tests she's now home and whilst sleepy is ok.

My question is, is there something she can buy to store her medicine in that will prevent her accidentally overdosing again?

To date she's been putting her medicine in one of those days of the week things which was useful last night as she could see what she'd taken but it doesn't lock her drugs up. She lives alone (usually) and so it's not as if someone can some them out each night to her. Fortunately DF was there last night to go to A&E with her etc.

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