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Two counsellors ?

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vxa2 Mon 07-Mar-16 21:07:19

I have been seeing my CBT therapist on and off over several years. Basically I can usually cope using the strategies I have learned but sometimes I need a bit more support and I will see him again.

I had a bit of a breakdown a year ago and have been seeing him over that time as well as my GP and various psychiatrists.

I have been okish for a while but still having troubling thoughts and am currently trying Sertraline after lots of other drugs combos which haven't really worked.

The thing is that I have had a trauma at work (someone I was investigating for misconduct hanged themselves - not a colleague, investigating an external organisation is my job) and I asked for an Employee Assistance Programme referral. I got a call today and they said that as I am seeing a psychotherapist already they wouldn't advise seeing someone else. I want to keep this current issue separate and to be brutally honest I think my work should pay for some counselling because it is as a direct result of work that I am in need of support - they have been useless. I don't think the fact that I already have a therapist who I pay £75 an hour to see should benefit them.

My current therapist knows the position and has said perhaps to play down the input I have from him. He thinks a good audit trail is important. The possible new therapist is going to talk to me about it - she can only recommend up to 6 sessions anyway. I don't know what to do when I see her for an assessment on Wednesday. I can't see how I can hold back on the truth if I trust her. I have been open and honest about it but I am not getting any real help. I have also been told it is too early for trauma therapy - how long am I supposed to wait to see if I am traumatised ? I don't think it even needs to come to that. I need to talk about how sad and guilty and overwhelmed I feel about what has happened. I just wish I hadn't already had a counsellor. All I am trying to do is get myself well and stay well. Any ideas or words of wisdom please ?

McPheeNicks Mon 07-Mar-16 22:22:24

I think it's pretty common that counsellors/therapists don't want you to see several at the time. It seems to be the rule, really.

I've personally seen two at the same time, but it was a situation where I was seeing one for individual psychotherapy and the other together with my husband. Everyone involved seemed happy enough with that arrangement. And someone I know received EMDR on the NHS while seeing a counsellor separately, so it does happen. I hope one way or another you get the support you need.

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