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Misophonia - coping mechanisms?

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CaptainKit Sat 05-Mar-16 19:48:33

I've had misophonia for a large amount of my adult life and it's been better and worse at times. Lately, however, it's become almost unbearable.

I had a baby 19 days ago, and as a consequence am all kinds of tired and this seems to have kicked the misophonia up to 11. Highest on my trigger list is my Mum's new dog; it sits and slurps its lips and the sound really grates, causing a flare of panic/rage/discomfort. Unfortunately I'm visiting my Mum a lot so as to let her see the baby/so I can use her shower and not have to leave the baby alone/for family dinner, so I'm facing this noise more often.

Occasionally she will put the dog out, if my stepfather is watching football in a different room, but that doesn't seem right, especially as we have 4 other dogs between us and none of them seem to set me quite so on edge.

Short of sitting in front of them wearing headphones, or leaving the room (not so possible if feeding the baby) is there anything anyone has found that soothes the savage beast? Other than getting a full night of sleep...

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