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ESA work capability assessment form oops

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willowcatkin111 Fri 04-Mar-16 18:35:33

I have been avoiding doing the form for a couple of weeks but yesterday after a bad few days I wrote in the bit where it asks how your illness affects you "I am useless. I cannot do anything. I cannot even fill out this wretched form. I just want to die" and sent it off blushblush
What will they do? Will they just ignore it and ask for a properly completed one or will they just refuse my claim for not providing the information that have asked for?

Marchate Fri 04-Mar-16 19:03:05

Willow, the admin assistant who opens your letter may have a heart of gold and pass it up to someone who will help you. Or they might put it to the bottom of the pile

Think about it over the weekend, then, if you can, phone them and say you have made a mistake on your form, because you were feeling so down. They'll probably send you a replacement. When you get it we'll help you fill it in with the kind of info they need

Snog Sun 06-Mar-16 07:56:23

I had to ask CAB to help me fill in mine and they were fantastic, why not ask them for help with this

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