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Buzzing Head

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TheCunkOfPhilomena Thu 03-Mar-16 08:54:43

I'm a bit worried about something that happened yesterday and most of last night. I've had it before but not so extreme.

I have a dx of emetophobia, anxiety, and depression and have had various treatments over the years. My biggest problem is the emetophobia and the anxiety/ panic it causes.

Every now and then I get a feeling in my head that is like a buzzing, not a sound but a feeling (weird I know). It coincides with me doing too much, like yesterday I thought I could do a whole major spring clean in one day and it just wasn't physically possible. I noticed the buzzing late yesterday afternoon and took a valium as I could feel myself heading towards a panic attack. It didn't help and I was up last night as I couldn't sleep due to this feeling.

Tbh, it scared me a bit and I wondered if anyone else had a similar experience and if you know what it is and how I can stop it?

TheCunkOfPhilomena Thu 03-Mar-16 18:16:48

Bump for anyone around this evening.

RoastieToastieReastie Fri 04-Mar-16 20:49:56

<waves> I meant to reply on here yesterday but got held up and been in London today.

So, I think I get something similar to this (I'm not sure) and I've tried lots of things to try to help it. I try meditation to calm my brain down but I find I'm too buzzy for it to work. When I used to do yoga classes sometimes that would help when you lie down with your eyes closed at the beginning as I'd find my brain wouod swirl around until eventually I'd become relaxed and at a slower pace. I'm not sure if I can give much useful help though. When I get it in a weird way I sort of get wired with it and want to keep doing stuff even though I know I'm tired really. In a way like a jittery weird buzzing. I suppose switching off is difficult due to the buzzing but I know if I do carry on I'll regret it the next day when my body will be telling me I did too much.

Hope you're feeling better and it's all gone now?

TheCunkOfPhilomena Sat 05-Mar-16 15:49:03

Thanks Reastie. I do feel a lot better now. I can identify with a lot of what you've written; I tend to feel like I can't stop when I have this feeling, I can't sit down and rest let alone meditate!

So it's an anxiety related thing?

LobsterQuadrille Sat 05-Mar-16 19:36:32

Hi OP, I get something a bit like this - as if a bluebottle is trapped inside my head (or how I imagine that would feel). In my mind's eye, I can see myself performing a huge number of tasks at breakneck speed, and I'm convinced that I'll be able to do all these tasks in the speeded-up film in my head. I'm wired, my heart seem to be pumping much faster than usual and I can almost feel the blood going round in my head. And for me yes, it is associated with anxiety and - I think - a desire to be hugely productive, but in an unrealistic way.

Not sure if that is exactly like yours ....

RoastieToastieReastie Sat 05-Mar-16 20:22:59

Hmm, is never thought I'd it as anxiety related before, I'd just thought it one of 'those things' I get like. Pre children and dh I'd sometimes find myself up all evening finishing tasks I'd started in the day feeling like I couldn't stop until it was done but now I know my limits and am usually too exhausted to be up all evening!

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