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Your overcoming depression stories please?

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pumpkinpie5 Wed 02-Mar-16 21:45:50

To cut a long story short, I have come through quite a lot over the past few years. I have been seeing a counsellor through most of this time and also on Citalopram -although a low dose of late.

The last few months I have been feeling shattered, lacking motivation and really down on myself. Following counselling today I feel that I need to admit that I have been in denial about having depression.

My doctor has recently put up by Citalopram dosage- but I haven't taken it yet. I guess when I could attribute my low mood to things I had gone through I felt like once I had worked through the issues I would feel better. Now that I have spent time working through everything and am still feeling rubbish I am facing the thought that I may always have to deal with feeling like this.

This thought has made me feel even worse and I really don't think I have the energy or motivation to fight it. I am hoping some of you out there may have words of wisdom or positive stories to share which may kick start my motivation?...

holly989blue Thu 03-Mar-16 12:59:10

Hi Pumpkinpie. You are not alone. Not that hearing that will really help. I can say though that I too was on Citalopram (for just over a year) but that was 10 years ago now and I've never been on it since. I still have low moods but nothing like that and I honestly believe that the key to my success is exercise.
Now, I know everyone is different and don't think for one second I'm a fanatical gym bunny! I hate going to the gym to be honest. I really have to force myself. However, when I took Citalopram, I made myself go 2-3 times a week and it really helped. Now, if I'm feeling down, I go to the gym or go for a long walk in the countryside and it really helps. I find it kind of takes me out of myself because depression is such an insular thing. I often feel like I'm inside a bubble and can't quite connect with other things out there. By exercising or getting out among nature, we are forced to see the bigger picture. Look at things around you, listen to the sounds of the water, the birds, and try to focus on something other than the negative thoughts inside your head. I still have no motivation. I could sit infront of this laptop all day, but I just force myself to put it down, get up and get out there. It really does help. I hope it can work for you too :-)

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