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What sort of help do I need? Can you advise me. Depression, anxiety related.

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WaterWorld Mon 29-Feb-16 15:47:46

I am an ignore and carry on sort of person putting others needs first and ignoring my own. I am aware of that and trying to look after myself better.

Have been doing yoga and pilates and swimming and walking regularly for months now but my coping ability is still slipping, though I do think these things are good for me generally. I admit I don't go to bed early enough and don't get enough sleep (poor quality sleep too as getting hot flushes and night sweats). I'm mid 40's.

I have tons of s**t going on in my extended family and i suspect will end up nc with them all, and my job is hard, relationship though solid pretty emotional atm due to DH stress levels. Now one of the school gate mums has started excluding me, minor in the list of things, but no idea why and affects me almost daily. Have a sick relative declining too.

I had two ops last year and found it stressful though my physical health is fortunately pretty good now.

I am a serious binge eater and dietician is referring me for CBT. I lost over 6 stone last year but currently it's going back on and I can't control my eating at the moment for more than a day at a time.

It's all too much and I am not coping. Emotional, can't concentrate, increasingly disorganised, dizzy when I think about stuff. Holding it together to the outside eye (and insiders too). Though crying alone now.

Have tried giving myself the proverbial kick up the bum, pulling together a plan etc, but can't seem to pull myself out of it this time.

Have not made a doctors appointment because you have to call repeatedly at school run time in the morning till you get through and then when you do they grill you what is wrong (DH and DC would be milling round at this time), then pass details to a triage nurse who calls you back (i'll be walking to school at this point so in the street) and grills you further before deciding what sort of appointment to give and with whom and when. Then when you see the doctor/nurse they are clearly overwhelmed with responsibility and in a rush. Don't want to trouble them. They helped me with the weightloss though with meds and the dietician so they can be very good if you ask for the right thing (?).

Can my doctor help me. What do I need to ask for?
Sorry so long sad

vxa2 Mon 29-Feb-16 21:11:53

You sound like you have a huge amount on and it is not surprising you feel overwhelmed. Sounds like you are doing brilliantly keeping everything together. I have found it really helpful to have a list when I go to my GP so that if I get upset I can just give it to her and if I am ok it helps me remember what to say. Could you bullet point what you've said and use that ?

Could you go to the surgery in person and ask for an appointment - at least then you would not be trying to do it in the middle of the school run ?
Take care. Remember it is the GPs job to help you and you are not troubling them by asking for support.

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