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emetophobia - anyone able to hand hold?

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BabyHaribo Sun 28-Feb-16 19:28:27

DD started vomiting Friday night. Fairly short lived but been poorly all weekend and not slept much so I'm knackered.

Thought she was getting better but she just thrown up again.

I've been doing really well controlling my anxiety but can't believe she's still ill and just waiting for DS, DH or me to get it.

It's so hard and this weekend has been so long. Please don't let DS catch it sad

BabyHaribo Mon 29-Feb-16 03:02:24


claraschu Mon 29-Feb-16 03:08:23

You poor thing. Emetophobia is horrible. I aam really sorry that you are going through this! Is your DH able to help with the worst of it? Would it be possible for you to hide in a clean calm room for most of the day?

Broken1Girl Mon 29-Feb-16 03:31:00

I don't have emetophobia but can imagine how awful it is <offers hand>

AliceScarlett Mon 29-Feb-16 09:00:23

Sames. I'm waiting for CBT for it. Terrified!

BabyHaribo Mon 29-Feb-16 10:18:01

Hiding in a different room sounds lovely!

DH has been great but he has to work and he's away tonight. Terrified DS will go down with it when I'm on my own

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