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Finally realising who my dad was.

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fuddle Sun 28-Feb-16 10:00:50

Although I have had information for along time I had to put the puzzle together on Friday. My mum would not tell me when I was growing up who my dad was. A year before she died she gave me a name which I suspect was wrong. I asked her for it. she died four years ago and four different members of my family who were around at the time have all given me the same story. My father died in 1984 but he has children and I have done nothing as what would getting in touch with them do ? I was the product of an affair which my mum then went and told his wife about! (how nice?). How do I move on from this. I was thinking of writing it down and putting it in an envelope, and moving on. Am thinking about going to hypnotherapist. When I spoke to my husband he listened but when I asked him how he would feel he said I was just turning it into a moral arguement.

fuddle Sun 28-Feb-16 10:02:36

My mother never got a penny from him and he was a very affluent business man. It makes me very depressed to think of all the innocent people involved in this, me and my younger sister, his wife and his children.

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