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post natal depression

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princesspeach15 Wed 24-Feb-16 00:46:47

So I went to my doctor after the lat 5 months of constant fear for my baby to e told I have PND which I never suspected cos I never have any thoughts of harming myself or my baby, I just get horrible terrible unimaginable thoughts of things that could happen to baby sad I hate stepping out the house most days and i am so thurough with the things I do, feeding,changing,cleaning it drives me insane cos then I start doubting myself and usually repeat things...has anyone else been like this ? My baby is an absolute dream he sleeps right through , eats all his meals and takes his bottles fine, also very interactive with me and everyone he's just so happy all te time. I am now taking citralopram and hopefully it will start working soon!

Marchate Wed 24-Feb-16 07:37:45

Now you are on medication the fears should start reducing

Soon you will be able to enjoy life with your baby x

HelenF35 Wed 24-Feb-16 07:45:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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