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Define normal ... Trying to decide whether to medicate.

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Pinkfluffyglitteryunicorns11 Tue 16-Feb-16 23:44:54

I have had periods since I was around 11 of being on anti depressants. I had a number of years in my 20s when I didn't and after an abusive relationship I went through a slightly provocative phase blush. I have remained single for several years now and seem to have lost interest.

I don't feel tearful and I function with work and being a mum and keeping the house in order but tend to avoid socialising a bit. I go through spells of not sleeping at all well, this has been an issue forever, my sleep has always been erratic. I either take hours and hours to get to sleep or fall asleep and wake up after a couple of hours. I sleep better if I don't have work the following day it is common for me only sleep 2-4 hours most nights. If I don't have work i can snooze till mid morning.
I get quite anxious usually in the evenings and get a few intrusive thoughts but I feel this is through loneliness as the symptoms go if I have a friend over. My question is what is normal or should I be medicated forever?! I have tried citropram and didn't sleep at all with it. I then tried fluxotine for months, I didn't feel as anxious but I didn't feel anything I felt numb and a bit zombie like. Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated.

thebiscuitindustry Wed 17-Feb-16 01:48:27

There are other antidepressants you could try. Different ADs suit different people so it may be worth trying again? You could talk it through with your GP. Have you had any talking therapy? The GP could refer you for counselling if it's likely to help.

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