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diagnosed with post natal anxiety but four years later realise it's post traumatic stress disorder

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limon Sun 14-Feb-16 11:05:49

I've been on anti depressants all this time - four years - and feeling totally unable to cope with any stress. I've been in a state of high anxiety the whole time with awful thoughts about what could go wrong (something awful happening to DD, losing my job and house etc).

I've been unable to enjoy life and have felt that life is a drag - I haven't seen the point in life and haven't felt there is anything to look forward to.

I've been having emdr therapy and my therapist is sure I've actually been suffering with PTSD from the birth (and three miscarriages the year before getting pregnant with DD).

The emdr is really helping and the idea of it being ptsd makes so much sense.

Just wanting to say all this out loud.

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