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Telephone guided cbt ?

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KikiTheFrog Sun 07-Feb-16 18:35:11

Has anyone done this before. I am allowed 4 telephone guided sessions through the NHS where we basically go through a wellbeing pack over the phone.

Has anyone else done this?

I have read through the book and I'm having a hard time applying the advice to myself as I don't think I fit into what they are saying. I had my first session last week and I was just going through the motions as I actually felt quite good but I'm struggling a bit today as dd is poorly and its set my anxiety off again.

My anxiety currently seems to be all about dd, and I feel a bit of a fool talking about my silly worries over the phone. Would I be better off with face to face therapy or would it be more or less the same. Maybe even CBT is not right for me.

PandaPop55 Mon 08-Feb-16 21:23:03

I have been offered this but have not yet started, i am really not sure about it, so interested to find out more.

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