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Is hospital the best or only place to keep a person safe from themsleves ?

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DieselSpillages Sun 31-Jan-16 20:49:32

My Ds 17 cut his wrists today, luckily not too deeply but many times. It was not the first time he has hurt himself. I was out he was with his girlfriend and they argued. He called an ambulance and I met them at the hospital. They said he could be admitted to a psychiatric hospital voluntarily if we wanted but he didn't want to and I was unsure if I should force him as he trusts me. He is already seeing a psychiatrist and has been on sertraline for 6 weeks and is doing councelling.

If he had been admitted today it would have been to an adult hospital where people are sectioned until a bed became available for him in a different clinic where the voluntary patients are. He really didn't want to go.
I hope we made the right choice, what if he tries to hurt himself again and succeeds ? I requested that we could go and visit the clinic so in the event of him needing to be admitted he could have a clearer idea of what that means and maybe be better prepared emotionally.

Has being in hospital helped anyone reading this get the respite and care they needed ?

dontrunwithscissors Sun 31-Jan-16 22:09:22

How scary, OP. How is he now?
Hospitals are scary and noisy places. IME, theyre just holding pens to keep someone safe. Not therapeutic.

Is there a crisis team in your area? I've been under the team where I am and they're very good. They come out to the house daily and are the holders of hospital beds so can make the call if it comes necessary.

Sorry this is a bit rushed.

NanaNina Sun 31-Jan-16 23:57:39

Oh your poor boy. How long has he been self harming and do you know the reason for his distress. I have been an in patient twice and in my experience there is not a great deal of care, just dishing out meds and a relaxation class maybe.

Are you sure that the hospital only admits people who are sectioned? I have never heard of this - I thought acute wards take people who are voluntary patients and those on a section.

I think it's a good idea for your son to visit this clinic - is it near to where you live. I can imagine a teenager not wanting to go to hospital. Is he seeing the GP - if not he needs to and they will probably refer him to the Community Mental Health Team where he can get support.

The website YoungMinds is helpful.

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