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Sertraline - nausea kicking in after 5 days ?

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vxa2 Sun 31-Jan-16 09:00:11

I started on Sertraline 5 days ago and apart from mild nausea for a day or so I felt fine. Today I am feeling really sick and I had hardly any sleep in spite of being really tired yesterday. Did anyone else have this kind of delay in side effects ? I am wondering if I just have a bug.

cymrukernow Sun 31-Jan-16 09:48:43

I didn't have such a delay myself - for the first two weeks on sertraline I was extremely nauseous, with monstrous headaches and little energy. These symptoms faded over weeks 3-6 and now I have no side effects at all. Looking at previous threads there seems to be a range of side effects, so it may the pills, or not. Just rest as much as possible, I took paracetamol to take the edge off, and see your doc if you have concerns x

DesertOrDessert Sun 31-Jan-16 10:12:00

The drugs take time to build up to therapeutic levels - hence the give them a few weeks to kick in. Could easily be the drugs still.

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