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Should I see my GP?

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HackAttack Sat 30-Jan-16 09:46:45

I've been experiencing increasing periods of mania/hypomania in the last year or two. My speech becomes incredibly fast, and kind of hard to follow if I don't concentrate on slowing down, I can move at incredible rate and complete so much in a short period of time. In many respects it feels like the best me I can be but lately I'm finding it hard to control. At work yesterday it was taking huge effort to slow my thoughts down and present as 'normal'.

I have some lows alongside these highs but not too bad and I'm better at managing those.

I've always been pretty resistant to talking to doctors about anything. I have historical childhood trauma which severely impacted other family members. My mother presents as sociopathic in her interactions with me which I've learned to recognise and cope very well by keeping her at a distance. My sister was less lucky and has a diagnosis of bipolar and ptsd. She has been hospitalised. There is also autism and ADHD in the family.

I've always managed to separate enough to do well, I supported myself as a teenager, have a degree and work in my chosen field. I have a lovely happy little family and kind of thought I'd dodged all of the issues until now.

I don't know if I need help and if I do, do I have to tell anyone?

Sorry for the long post sad

BugPlaster Tue 02-Feb-16 09:27:27

Yes, see your GP. It doesn't have to provide any immediate solutions but it might help to 'log' the fact you feel insecure about the route your active periods are taking.
You sound like you like have a good understanding of how you operate, that's inspiring really.

Rosenwyn1985 Tue 02-Feb-16 22:36:22

I agree, see your GP. I'm like you, survivor of childhood trauma, supported myself as a teenager, keep family at a distance (I'd put an ocean between us if I could) and a sister who wasn't so lucky. But, just like you I've had my anxiety getting worse. In my case triggered by a recent traumatic event and now I've been diagnosed with complex trauma. I'm seeing a therapist but wish I'd done this sooner. I've had little episodes of anxiety and managed to plough through them when I should really have gotten help before it got this bad. Best of luck. And message me if you need a chat.

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