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madmotherof2 Thu 21-Jan-16 11:03:59


Does CBT work on its own? I've been given a script for Sertraline which I'm yet to go and get. I'd prefer to not use meds if I can

I've struggled with anxiety and panic attacks for 4 years, I was bad for the first year ( felt low, emotionless) but didn't talk to anyone about it so just muddled on. It then calmed down massively, I was still having the odd panic attacks in situations I didn't like, but I felt a million times better mentally.

We're currently going through a hard time in our family, our youngest started chemo in sept. End of November I started noticing that the physical symptoms of anxiety we're starting to appear again. I was having palpitations regularly, and also felt like I had a tonne of bricks on my chest. GP recommended talking therapy which I'm waiting for. Everything was ok then I had an awful panic attack on New Year's Eve. I honestly convinced myself I was going to die. Since then I've been spiralling down, the physical symptoms have continued but I've started to have days of feeling very detached with life. It terrifies me ( I'm normally a very bubbly, caring person) and I've had awful thoughts of eventually it getting too tough that I'll end up doing something to myself. I know that's the anxiety talking but it frightens the life out of me.

Im now debating getting my prescription but would rather not if CBT sounds promising for me

Shirkingfromhome Thu 21-Jan-16 20:53:09

Sorry to hear you're having a difficult time, I hope your dd is responding well to her treatment.

I've use CBT as part of my job and it can be effective but it takes practice. It also depends how severe the anxiety /depression is. There are some great breathing techniques and relaxation techniques (progressive muscle relaxation is a good on to start with), that you can practice daily to help with generalised anxiety. There are also some great exercises you can do to improve mindfulness. Again it takes practice and may not be a total cure although you may find it helps on a day to day basis. It certainly won't hurt to use these alongside any medications and therapies you are offered (should you choose to take it).

airforsharon Sat 23-Jan-16 21:47:55


CBT worked wonders for me, but it took time and wasn't easy. I had it for similar reasons as you, in my case it was panic attacks and agoraphobia.

I was initially prescribed medication - one type was seroxat - both made me feel worse, the seroxat made me feel suicidal. I came off it quite quickly and my GP suggested CBT. I also saw a homeopath who was a great help - she has a strong interest in women's health and help me really sort out my diet - more protein, more veg, no sugar, no caffeine, no refined carbs (which can cause blood sugar 'spikes' and exacerbate panic/anxiety). There are various supplements you can try such as magnesium and B vitamins.

Obv I can't advise you not to take the meds, that's got to be your choice and depends on several things - how soon could you start CBT for example?

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