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Floored by anxiety

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SocksRock Tue 19-Jan-16 23:15:20

I've had it under control for ages. Then this evening - boom - like a ton of bricks on my head, and a weight on my chest. It's OK again now, I did the stuff the counsellor taught me and it eased. It's never been strong enough to actually give me physical pain like that before though.

I just worry that I am a terrible friend, wife, mother and that this is something I deserve because I'm lazy and disorganised.

BeaufortBelle Tue 19-Jan-16 23:18:34

Anything been bothering you to bring it on? I'm sort you are feeling like this. Extends hand.

SocksRock Tue 19-Jan-16 23:29:48

I let someone down today. I was offered paid work (I do zero hours stuff as am SAHM) that fitted with kids hours so I took it and didn't do something that I said I would do as a favour. I was worrying that she would be really upset - but people know I do short notice stuff, a lot of my friends do bits and pieces where they can.

Just silly really - I volunteer two afternoons at my kid's primary, and they are totally aware that if I get offered paid work I need to take it. They are all fine with it, I'm just worried my friend is really pissed off with me

BeaufortBelle Wed 20-Jan-16 09:37:15

Sorry I couldn't respond sooner - went to sleep. You did what you needed for your family. I know it's hard to get these things in perspective (dd has anxiety) but it's really positive you could put your counsellor's,advice into practice. I think that's tremendous and you should be proud fir taking not a baby step but a big step. t's an example of how well you are recovering.

It's a big step to phone your friend, but could you perhaps put a little note through her door to explain or just to say sorry. She probably understands and isn't too cross at all.

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