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High intensity CBT?

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MrsBertMacklin Tue 19-Jan-16 20:19:01

I posted a while ago about my suspected agoraphobia, stemming from anxiety (IMO).
I've recently completed an IAPT assessment which has been followed with a referral for high intensity CBT.
I'd love to hear from anyone who's completed this, there's quite a long waiting list and I'm trying to find out more while I wait for dates. Thanks.

ScarlettDarling Tue 19-Jan-16 22:25:24

I had a course of high intensity CBT about a year ago for my anxiety, particularly health anxiety. It helped to pinpoint my 'issues'; things such as intolerance of uncertainty, but I don't think it really helped to reduce my anxiety.

To be effective, you really have to do your homework. With CBT, practice is very important. It's about retraining the way you think, which can't be done quickly.

Good luck. Hope it helps you.

MrsBertMacklin Wed 20-Jan-16 19:58:05

Thanks Scarlet.
I've had low intensity CBT before, I thought high might be a different style but it sounds the same.

ScarlettDarling Wed 20-Jan-16 21:03:40

I also had low intensity, one hour sessions over the phone every couple of weeks. To me, the high intensity seemed a lot more personal to me and my problems than the low intensity did, but didn't really make much difference.

So many people find it a great help though, it's worth pursuing.

AnxiousMunchkin Thu 21-Jan-16 15:58:59

I'm just finishing a course of low intensity CBT (half hour sessions every few weeks) - supposed to be 6 sessions but at what I thought would be the 6th and last today my PWP has said she can see me one more time, and then will refer me on for high intensity CBT (hour long sessions weekly for 12-15 weeks). She explained that it is the same concept, but more in depth and specific, I'll explore more specific issues that I've identified with her, and that it will probably be a bit more challenging, looking at my core beliefs/thought patterns etc. There will be homework each week. The high intensity CBT is delivered by higher-qualified practitioner as well, a qualified psychotherapist I think, rather than a PWP.

Mine is also through IAPT, and there will be a 4 month wait or so, but this might be a good thing so I can consolidate what I've learnt with the low-intensity CBT first, and get my medication settled. I think the key thing with CBT is remembering that it's teaching you how to change your thought patterns - the therapy can't change your thought patterns for you, you have to learn how to do that yourself. And that it will take time to be able to consistently do that. Think of it like a course of lessons, rather than a passive treatment.

Good luck flowers

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