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Overwhelmed and feeling the strain

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RookieMonster Sat 16-Jan-16 20:20:37

Dh tells me to just snap out of it, basically, but he doesn't spend as many hours in this dive of a house as I do. We've moved for work, which is fine, but I am deeply unhappy about our current living situation and want to run away or something.

The calm, rational side of me knows this is only temporary, but the stress of all the past few months has ground me down and I feel like I'm not coping anymore. Our dc are struggling as well, and depending on me for emotional support. Dh isn't utterly unsympathetic, but he is very logical and can set aside certain emotions if they don't serve him in the moment it seems. I just feel trapped - even though I'm not, we are going to buy a house soon and we won't be in this rental for long - and I'm fed up of not knowing which way to go to get around, not having friends nearby, not having a single blasted dry day for the past three weeks, ugh ugh ugh.

Almost all of my stress/depression is circumstantial, but it is still there. It's getting too big to brush off some days.

hefzi Sun 17-Jan-16 01:50:18

Rookie sorry to read things are miserable for you at the moment. And the fact that it's circumstantial doesn't make it any less serious - I don't think your DH sounds very supportive, I'm afraid.

Could you face going to your GP for a chat? If you are struggling with things, there may well be some help they can give you, and you shouldn't be having to do this on your own flowers

RookieMonster Mon 18-Jan-16 18:57:22

Thank you. I spoke to dh and said my feelings are valid even if he can't "fix" them, and telling me to snap out of it is not a kind reply. He took it in, so that's good.

I felt a lot better yesterday but today not so much. This up and down feeling is hard and I just want to hide in bed all day. Absolutely impossible with five children.

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