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being Harrassed

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Kimbofunk Sat 16-Jan-16 03:23:24

I am really at the end of my tether and feel like I am going to have a nervous breakdown it all started last year I have multiple sclerosis (ms) and also mental health problems I have been stable on medication for my mental health that I was put on when 17 after I was put in prison for a minor assault on a man who my friend told me had raped her I commited the crime when 16 and was put in when 17 I'm now coming up for 24 and am 4 months pregnant. Last year I was put on a drug for my ms it affected my pills for my mental health and I had to stop taking it as I was not able to think rationally I never hurt anyone was never aggressive but I did self harm on 1 occasion I went to see a psychiatrist who was terribly negligent I was there due to a bad reaction I had taken to medication and she told me that when I was abused as a teenager that it was my fault if it happened to anyone else! Like anyone else I stopped my contact and told them I would see them in court but I still received a letter once a week offering me appointments this happened last August now it's January and about a week ago I went to a midwife appointment I was completely open and honest with this woman who by the way is not even my midwife! She has referred me to a special needs midwife she has also sent me letters for mental health services even when I told her what had happened and get this social services! I am at my wits end the social worker came to my house she said that everything is positive in my life I'm in univercity studying cosmology my partner is self employed and so supportive he will be an amazing dad and this woman who has known me for half an hour has determined that I would be a danger to my child, I can't hurt a fly the thing is she has reffered me on the basis that I am involved with mental health services and could pose a threat to my child as you would understand my family, ms nurse, doctor and a support worker are outraged by this as am I but I feel like I am being harassed from all angles and am really losing the will to go on I feel like I'm going to have a nervous breakdown this is not support its torture I was having such a happy and blissful pregnancy until I met that midwife I'm finding it hard to sleep eat my back is aching I've been having spasms up and down my body and pains in my stomach im a good person why is it that good mothers have to go through all this crap and people like Kim Haney manage to fall through the cracks I don't get it! Please help any advice would be great I feel like I am falling to pieces

blankmind Sat 16-Jan-16 14:53:22

Hi kimbo,

This is the Special Needs section, for mumsnetters mainly on the autistic spectrum to discuss autism and all its related conditions.

Your problems seem a bit different to the ones usually posted on here. Maybe you'd get more replies and connect with people more familiar with your situation if you posted on a busier board, like Chat.

If you'd like your post moved to a busier board, please click on 'Report' on the top of your post and ask for it to be moved.

I hope you get the help you need soon flowers

IonaMumsnet (MNHQ) Sat 16-Jan-16 15:34:22

Hi OP! BlankMind makes a good point. Hope you don't mind - we're going to move this over to Mental Health where we think lots of the other posters who have also been involved with MH services at the time of being pregnant might have good advice and ideas to share with you. Best of luck with it all and congratulations on your pregnancy!

captaincake Sat 16-Jan-16 17:47:39

I'm sorry to hear that your midwife has caused you such stress. My only advice really, having been through something similiar, is to talk the social worker honestly about why you feel their intervention is unnecessary and what steps you have taken/are taking to ensure that the issues the midwife has raised will not affect the baby and tell them about all the support you have to help with the baby and where you would go for help if you needed it. They are only there to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the baby, not to judge you. But from their point of view someone has raised a concern so they do need to look in to it. I really hope the new special needs midwife will be more helpful and understanding.

When you say you feel harassed from all sides do you have any professional who is supportive? Your gp, ms nurse or support worker? What is the support worker for? I understand how incredibly stressed and worried you must be. Can you talk to your gp about the stress this is putting you under? Have you spoken to social services already?

Kimbofunk Tue 19-Jan-16 00:30:00

Hi there everyone sorry I thought this was where I should post it and that would be great if you could move it to where it is meant to be I'm new to this site and there is a lot to take in yes I have great support this woman is not my midwife the social worker suggested moving hospital due to this as it is unessesary and she also said everything is positive in my life me and my partner are financially stable we have a good home in a good area and after so many years wondering if I could have children at all I was blessed and so happy to find out I was pregnant all those happy thoughts are now filled with misery and dread this woman met me for half an hour and has decided that I am a danger to my child! This is definitely the reason children in bad homes fall through the cracks of the support network I'm so hurt by this and just can't believe it I know and have heard of people who have taken drugs through their pregnancy have had different men in the house getting drunk all the time with their kids and here's me with my camomile tea and packet of crisps on a Saturday night thinking to myself am I really such a terrible person someone could think such a thing I've made mistakes in the past as I'm sure we all have but I just can't get my head around this. I just feel harassed by everyone I want to have s relaxed pregnancy and I'm getting all these health professionals who won't listen to a word that I'm saying that I am fine and happy or was happy and no matter how many times I say this they go against everything I say and refer me to all these mental health services my mum and partner has spoken to the midwifed about this but they won't listen my gp has it down that he deals with me as my case is not severe I don't understand it at all anymore and I've lost faith in the health service
So is it best I put this post in chat?

Kimbofunk Tue 19-Jan-16 00:31:28

She referred me on the basis I am involved with mental health services but I am the last time I was there was last year and it was due to a bad reaction to my ms medication

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