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Is this withdrawal too hurried? (Sertraline)

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PansyNosePants Fri 15-Jan-16 16:28:55

I went to the gp a couple of weeks ago and saw a dr I've not met before. I've been reducing sertraline for ages now, was on 150mg down to 50mg. Done over the space of a about a year. I'm in no hurry, and my regular dr has been fine about this.

Anyway, this dr said he'd give me a prescription for 5 X 50mg tablets to take one every other day and then stop. I've done this and now feel dreadful.

I'm getting bad brain zaps, anxiety, runny nose and bad tempered.

I've just read online that sertraline can have some difficult withdrawal symptoms.

When I found out I was expecting ds2 11 years ago, I was on 250mg venlafaxine which I stopped cold turkey. I can recall similar symptoms from back then.

any advice greatly appreciated.

MeadowHay Fri 15-Jan-16 20:06:58

Ouch, I think that is a very quick way to come off an antidepressant and not advisable considering the awful withdrawal symptoms. A couple of years ago I came down off 40mg of citalopram over the course of 4 weeks, it was awful, will never do something like that so fast ever again. I was very ill and then was put on venlafaxine which initially made me very ill for another couple of weeks. Nightmare time, was lucky I had a supportive DH who could look after me.

Have you completely finished it? If so, you don't have to worry, yes you may feel unwell for a couple of weeks but it will gradually subside and certainly won't cause any long-term damage. It's just something you have to ride out really. sad If you are still in the process of tapering down, I'd strongly reccomend booking an appointment with your usual GP or just any other GP than the one you just saw and say that you want to come down more slowly because the withdrawal symptoms are making you feel unwell. They should oblige and prescribe you some more tablets/smaller dosage tablets too if they exist. You can use a pill cutter to cut up doses to make them smaller too whilst you are decreasing your dosage. Good luck and hope you feel better soon flowers

PansyNosePants Fri 15-Jan-16 20:30:15

Thank you so much for your reply.

I've been feeling really isolated today, and feeling like a failure.

I'm going to try and get an appointment next week.

PansyNosePants Fri 15-Jan-16 20:31:33

Not completely finished, as I've got a couple left over from a previous prescription that I've been cutting into 25mg, but still feel crap.

teaandporridge Fri 15-Jan-16 21:05:48

I'm on 150mg of sertraline too but got no intention of coming off them. I think cutting them in half is a good idea.

Can I ask why your coming off them? Sounds like you still need them to be honest

PansyNosePants Fri 15-Jan-16 22:39:24

Teaandporridge, I've been on them for 10 years now. But was on a 150mg for a few years whilst my youngest was a baby. My anxiety was through the roof.

I don't know whether this is me feeing this, or withdrawal symptoms.

Getyercoat Sat 16-Jan-16 20:50:41

Way too quick.
I came off 10mg of escitalopram over 6 months... And still had some withdrawal effects.

MeadowHay Sun 17-Jan-16 16:09:13

Yes, continue what you are doing at the moment and try and get a GP appt asap to discuss your concerns. If the last GP you saw was a bit naff, ask to see a different one. Do you have a usual GP at the practice that you mostly see? It would be best to see a GP who knows you better. Another option would be to ask the reception staff to make an appt with a GP at the practice that has a special interest in mental health. Hope you are feeling a little better today? I know withdrawal is truly awful. flowers

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