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Anxiety blocking my path - still

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mrsbrabbit Mon 11-Jan-16 13:08:37

I'm a huge Prince fan - don't judge me - and next week he's holding a gig at his Paisley Park studios. He's given lots of advance warning, flights are very reasonable, I can get time off work and I know a number of people who are also making the trip, though not very well, acquaintances really. My husband is happy for me to go, the only blocker is my bloody anxious brain. I've struggled with anxiety to varying degrees for 20 years and it has worsened since I had DC as I don't like being away from them, especially overnight. I have three DC - 8, 5 and 3. DS1 (5) is currently being assessed for Autism and struggles with his behaviour at school and is prone to meltdowns. I will be kicking myself endlessly if I don't go but I'm filled with fear and dread about the flight and being away from home for three nights. I've even considered getting medication from the Docs to help me through this. Has anyone else struggled with a similar chance in a lifetime opportunity?

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