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Very emotional and fragile

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2ndSopranosRule Mon 11-Jan-16 13:03:34

I had my last NHS counselling session this morning. I've had a terrible time over the past six months with anxiety and depression. I'm doing so much better, but right now, I feel absolutely terrible. Weepy and sad. I'm at work and I just can't even engage in any sort of conversation today, it's like I'm shut off.

Why is this happening? Why now?

Firstmum24 Tue 12-Jan-16 13:11:36


First of all - sorry to hear you had such a terrible day at work yesterday!
I have dealt with anxiety and depression previous to having my first child and I know it doesn't help for anyone to say "i know how you feel" because we don't, everyone tackles situations differently and everyones circumstances are different. I can however say that i know a semblance of how you feel. I have been there before where even making eye contact is a huge ask, never mind a conversation!
Try not to panic about feeling like this, i know it feels like a regression but really - everyone has days like these. With yourself you will be worrying about why it is happening - as you say yourself - you have been doing so much better! Worrying about it will get you all in a tizzy and thinking negative thoughts.
I had major baby blues and have a Dr app tomorrow because I am concerned about the onset of PND as i recognise some of the signs in myself. A few weeks ago i had a really terrible day and had to go round to my mums and give her the baby for a couple hours while i just lay in bed crying. But i needed to get it all out. And do you know what - i felt great the next day like i had a new lease of life!
Everyone has rubbish days never mind those sensitive to anxiety and depression. I hope you have someone to turn to for a cry or even a rant (that helps too!) and well done for going through the NHS counselling . i did so years ago and it really helped.
This may be TMI but perhaps you may be due your period? i find i get majorly weepy around that time but it does pass.

I hope this helps, just to know there are others going through it too, but it always passes and you will feel better again,


2ndSopranosRule Tue 12-Jan-16 21:57:30

Thank you.

A better day today. Hopefully that was just a blip smile.

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