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How to find the right counsellor ?

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Whywaitfortomorrow Mon 11-Jan-16 11:54:17

I've been referred for counselling by GP and can go down private route. Not sure what to look for and just wanted to know how other people found the right counsellor. Is it just trial and error and finding someone you click with ? I did find someone through internet search but when I called her to find out how it works, she went through all payment options and private insurance details before we got to making an appointment at which point I had started crying (!!!) although we did arrange to meet. I did ask what was the difference between private and GP based and she said obviously none. I'm hoping it was just my warped sense of perception right now but I am already thinking this isn' t going to be the right person for me. Do counsellors offer a free first session or an initial chat to decide if you can work together ? Just wondering about other peoples experiences.

hefzi Mon 11-Jan-16 11:59:14

Sorry - it is trial and error until you find someone you think you can work with: usually you have a bit of a chat on the 'phone, so they can see if they can help you and if you click enough (usually about ten minutes) and then you arrange the first session. I don't know of anyone personally who offers a free session, but you might find someone who does - it would seem sensible, as it's such a personal thing.

It's worth ringing round a bit, if you can find other people in your area - it can be hard work I know when you're not feeling great, but if you don't take to someone, you won't open up to them, I don't think, and if you don't open up, they'll be limited as to how much they can help you.

Whywaitfortomorrow Mon 11-Jan-16 21:10:47

Thanks hefzi, I might try and call some other counsellors, there are a few in the area.

pumpkinpie5 Mon 11-Jan-16 21:29:14


I have seen a few counsellors over the last five years. Two for a v short period of time-one of which I referred to through work so no choice. I have been seeing my current counsellor almost two years. The difference is that she is someone that if I knew outside of the counselling relationship, she is someone I would respect and have things in common with. I can sit and talk to her and have opened up about things I never thought I would discuss with anyone.

I found her through the BACP website which is the best place to look for a professional accredited counsellor. I then looked at a few profiles, picked out the ones that I thought dealt in what I wanted to talk about, and then checked their websites. The websites usually give a bIit more of their backgrounds so you get a feel for whether you think you would click with them. For example, mine has a background of working in business, is known for her clear and focused sessions, and is into similar things to me outside of work (don't want to detail too much), plus is about 15 years older so I feel I can trust her experience etc.

Hope that helps. Feel free to ask questions- I feel like a pro almost these days!

Whywaitfortomorrow Tue 02-Feb-16 12:10:15

Thanks pumpkinpie5, really helpful to know people may have to see more than one person before deciding.
I have actually started, had 3 sessions so far and we have talked alot about my background. Not really got to anything else yet. I may give someone else a call now.

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