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returning to work following work related stress

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needtomovesomewherewarmer Fri 08-Jan-16 17:12:25

Hello. Im looking for some advice /gentle encouragement.

I'm am due to return to work following several weeks off sick due to work related stress. The triggers being a mix of treatment / manager / workload distribution responsibilities and respect.

I should have had an occupational health meeting prior to returning but there was a cock up and i wasn't referred. My employees initally agreed it would be ideal to come back after the occupational therapy meeting but that i needed an additional sick note for a further week. Initially I didn't want to do this so work requested I return Monday, expecting my occ health meeting tues and return to work meeting a day or so after. I agreed but then in reflection feel rather uncomfortable going in for potentially 3-4 days without being able to discuss my absence or return with anyone. I decided to discuss this with my GP who has offered to sign me off for an additional week so I can return following my occ health meeting.

I have never had any long term sickness before for any reason. I don't really know how it works particularly given the difficult curcumstaces.

I'd appreciate other peoples experiences? Do you think it would of benefit to wait? Part of me is keen to return and resolve the issues (although they aren't going to get resolved in week 1) and not prelong the dread id returning. But part of me doesn't want to return without having aired the issues.

Any advice anyone?

Snog Sat 09-Jan-16 06:44:00

I had a similar experience whilst working for a large organisation.
I found it difficult to get the reasons I was off work discussed or addressed properly.
Hopefully you have a phased return planned? I found this invaluable.
OH and/or your GP can help arrange this if you don't have one planned. Going back to work is super tiring, and for me I didn't really feel well enough when I returned.

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