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I'm rubbish and can't cope

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charliesweb Mon 04-Jan-16 22:02:33

I've been on here before. Here's a bit of background: I suffer from anxiety and depression. I had a collapse/breakdown physically and mentally in June. With the help of Citralopram I recovered enough to be able to return to work in September after being off sick. I have 2 jobs which are in the same field. One is working in the public sector the other is s business I own with a friend which we set up just over a year ago.
Today I feel crap. I struggle with being a boss when things are difficult with staff. At the moment we have a situation with a member of staff and it's making me feel really anxious. I'm worried about my business partner, the staff and what's going to happen. I hate having to be a boss making hard decisions that affect people's lives. I'm rubbish because it makes me want to give up and run away. It all feels too hard but I need to earn money. I just want to cry and be told everything's alright. But everything isn't alright and as the business owner I have to be the strong one. But I don't feel strong. Something which is a passion of mine and I should enjoy is making me feel miserable. At the moment I feel I should walk away as I'm obviously not able to do this. But my other job is not secure and I don't really enjoy it in fact it also triggers my anxiety. Also when I don't feel as low as this I love my business

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