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Could DSis have anxiety or personality disorder

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shebird Mon 04-Jan-16 17:15:11

I am concerned about my DSis and think she might suffer from an anxiety disorder and would appreciate some advice.

DSis is the youngest and at Uni but still lives at home with my DPs. Growing up as the youngest of a big family she has always been mollycoddled and a bit immature. She was anxious, nervous and shy as a child and does not seem to have grown out of this. When with family and close friends she is quite outgoing but at times her conversation can be quite one sided. She seems to have a hard time with friendships and is often the outsider never quite fitting in. She is sensitive, always worrying, stressed over little things, fretting over what people think of her, scatty, often moody and difficult. She is always the victim (my parents always back her up) never admits when she is wrong and rarely apologises.

The trouble is now that she is a grown up, it is harder to excuse her behaviour as just her being the youngest or shy or whatever. Her behaviour is now impacting her relationships with other members of the family. I have suspected for a while that there is something amiss, as she gets so worked up about things. Could this be an anxiety disorder? I am not sure how to approach this with my DPs or DSis and would welcome your thoughts.


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