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Here i go again

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Sonicandknuckles Mon 28-Dec-15 19:44:53

Adding to my collection of shoes and coats!
As i sit with a brand new pair of boots, still boxed to my left. I have another pair of different boots on the way. Along with a new pair of trainers (i do need the trainers, kind of). New boots to my left will no doubt be sent off upstairs to stand with my other boxed up new shoes/boots!
As im sending one coat back for being too long, i have ordered another two. As i have 3 that i alternate between hanging up. Not to mention the ones put away.

This often happens when my anxiety hits its highest. Which is quite often.
The coats arent much of a problem as i do wear them (most of them). The boots, as much as i love them, i cant bring myself to wear them as i dont feel i suit half of them.

Today, i have been walking about outside with my dog walking trainers. Absolutely filthy. The anxiety of looking like a minger is far less than wearing a pair of my lovely new boots/shoes/trainers.

I dont know if this is anxiety or ocd related. All the same thing really, so i suppose it doesnt really matter.

Is anyone else struggling with similar lately after the christmas anxiety? If so... any techniques that help you would be appreciated

ProfessorPreciseaBug Tue 29-Dec-15 04:59:57

OK... a really bad idea is what I did on Saturday. (Bixing day).. so I recommend you don't do it.

We had the "big" day with in-laws. The whole day was a continual rutt between six super alpha egos. When we got home we went for what should have been a quiet drink in our local... The problem was that it turned into a very long and not at all quiet drink. Yesteday I got a migraine because of all the excessive drinking. And now I am awake at five in the morning after a disturbed sleeping pattern.

The problem was that after all the tension of the day itself, the idea of a drink did seem nice at the time. And one glass lead to more than was good.

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