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Advice Please

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PandaPop55 Wed 23-Dec-15 12:21:19


Just looking for reassureance/advice/support. I am sitting here in tears, feeling so sorry for myself. I feel like I am just waiting for everything to implode. I can't enjoy anything. Looking at my two kids who are so excited for Christmas breaks my heart. For the past three years I have had a mental health breakdown in late Dec/early Jan. I know feel that this will inevitably happen again, any day now and can hardly think about anything else. I then start to worry that my constant worrying about this happening is actually going to cause it to happen. I am currently on ADs. I have been worrying about this for a while, but I just suddenly feel so low today, I don't want to have to go through this again. Any words of reassurance would be appreciated. I feel like I am wobbling at the top of a very steep and slippery hill. Its not if, it's just when. Can I stop this?

ami9 Wed 23-Dec-15 13:29:04

Be strong huni, try to distract yourself and do something that makes you happy. I know its not the same... i used to suffer from panic attacks and the fear of having one did use to cause on. Keeping myself busy and around positive ppl or even window shopping with kids helped me to distract myself. Once you see that this year you are fine you will have more confidence☺ i wish you all the best. Xx

Candlefairy101 Wed 23-Dec-15 19:04:59

I suffer with Depression aswell, and it is always worse in the months you describe, I really think it's down to this weather.

So this year I've started taking vitamin D and have also asked my husband to buy me a lumi lamp for xmas, it mimics natural sunlight we miss in the summer time.

I have no idea if this is going to work but I get so desperate I'm willing to try anything! My mental health team have also upped my AD's even tho I'm pregnant because I do get so depressed this time of year.

Read up a bit about S.A.D and getting a lamp and taking vitamin D supplement, you maybe able to make yourself feel a bit better this year and maybe get ahead of it next year (well that's my plan for myself anyway).

I know exactly how your feeling tho, I have been in my pj's for 2 days. I have so much to do but I physically can not do it, I have two small children to look after so thank god my husband is home for the holidays!

PandaPop55 Tue 29-Dec-15 10:32:16

Thanks for the replies. I knew it was starting last week and it hit me big time on xmas eve with extreme anxiety, But has started to ease now already which is good, if a little unsettling as its not the usual pattern. Looking back now it is easy to see I was struggling long before last week but I don't see it at the time. Have looked into SAD thanks for the advice. gp was not keen to go down this route before now as timings also fitted with other circumstances.
Hope you are both coping okay.

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