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My DS with possible ADHD

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RichLee2 Sun 20-Dec-15 15:00:10

I need advice my youngest DS has been seeing child psychologist for approx 6yrs now due to abnormal behaviour he is now ten and his behaviour is getting worse by the week, he is awaiting something called 3di testing and testing for ADHD, this is however the longest wait ever for a child that is emotionally and mentally draining on the rest of the family and has been for years, I am in tears most days with the pressure this is causing. I just want my DS to be happy instead of being in a rage all the time smashing up my home, he has been put onto melatonin to put him to sleep at night as he does not sleep otherwise and this has been a blessing for the last 3 months as I actually get some rest time now, I have had great help from his school because he has now started to show this behaviour at school also now, I was looked at like I was crazy until he expressed himself at school and SENCO became involved as well as CAHMS, his school even pay for a counsellor to visit him one day a week in case there is any underlying problem that none of us are aware of. I'm just at my wits end and need advice, as I do all i can at home and outdoor activities to keep him entertained but as soon as I come home he starts performing and smashing things, I just need help as the NHS help is very slow in happening.


ipswichwitch Sun 20-Dec-15 15:03:17

I don't have any practical help, just hand holding really. Our nephew was diagnosed ADHD, and it was a long journey getting there, but he is now on the right medication and he is a much happier boy. Doing well at school too. I hope you get that light at the end of the tunnel soon flowers

Crusoe Sun 20-Dec-15 15:07:50

Is there any chance you could get him assessed privately. We did as like you the wait for help was killing us. My DS was diagnosed quickly then the consultant referred us back into the NHS for follow up appointments. It feels like we cheated the system but we were desperate.
Hope you get help soon.

RichLee2 Sun 20-Dec-15 15:17:05

Thanks very much IPSWICHWITCH I hope this happens for me and my family soon as it is destroying us and my DH has come close to leaving because of this as I approach it differently to him as shouting just creTes a greater issue with my DS, and CRUSOE how much did it cost to have the testing done privately.? Thanks for responses x

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