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Psychosis and meds

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smileyforest Sun 13-Dec-15 23:06:46

Hello, my son has been ill for 6-8 weeks (see posts). Have any other's suffered with Psychosis and managed to come through without any other med intervention? My son's is drug induced (17). Everything stopped now.Refuses any intervention and not engaging with Mental Health Care Team. Looking for other opinions,thankyou

smileyforest Mon 14-Dec-15 20:06:21

Bump anybody??

hefzi Tue 15-Dec-15 13:44:22

Sorry - I'm far from an expert in this, but iirc, many times drug-induced psychosis will cease when the sufferer stops using drugs: is your son still using? Sometimes, it carries on during the process of withdrawal, but again, once the individual is clean for a little while, it goes.

In the cases that this doesn't solve the problem, then therapy and anti-psychotics are the way to go, I believe: if this is the case, and your son is refusing to engage, I would think the only remaining option would be to look at a sectioning, though I can imagine this is something you'd rather avoid.

Have you tried giving the MIND helpline a ring? They are amazingly expert on areas connected with mental health, and they ought to be able to guide you far better than I can, as the info above is from an age ago when I was assisting a YP in this situation.

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